Imagine successfully growing fresh food to feed your family or entire community!
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An Edible Landscape can enrich your family’s time together or bring a neighborhood and community group together with fresh food and beauty.

Based upon the proven growing techniques developed at HOMEsweetFARM in Brenham, Texas, we use the finest quality organic amendments to build the soil, and we provide a seasonal planting guide along with technical assistance and support to make your project come alive.

A new artichoke seedling finds a home, in the front yard.                                                                         Lettuce, Kale and Cabbage (the Kale is still producing 6 months later!)

Orchards,    Backyard Gardens,    Community Gardens,    Environmentally Friendly, 

Sustainable Organic Food!

The first Jalepeno of the season!                                                                                                                                                                     Squash and Tomatoes behind the garage!

our own backyard is as fresh as it gets!


(A freshly planted in-ground Fall garden in Burton, Oct. 2008. Those tiny Broccoli in the middle got HUGE)